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Product Review: Pedigree’s Dentastix

Humans say, “You have doggy breath!”, as if it’s an insult.

But hey, I am a dog so there’s nothing wrong with having doggy breath, right?

Well, my humans can’t stand bad doggy breath, especially after my oooh-what-else-can-I-chew adventures. Even though my humans keep telling me not to chew on random items, I can’t help it since my teeth are changing.

They started looking for chewing alternatives for me and they came across this oral hygiene product by Pedigree called, Dentastix.

Pedigree Dentastix

According to Pedigree, Dentastix scientifically reduces tartar build-up by up to 80%!

Just in case you’re not aware, tartar can lead bad breath, swollen gums and even extremely painful scenarios as it might cause loose teeth and bone infection. Crazy scary right? I know!

But don’t worry, not all dogs are prone to tartar build-up. Usually, it’s the smaller dogs who are more susceptible (naks, I’ve been reading my human’s dictionary lately) to this problem. This is also highly dependent on what your dogs eat. Dogs with soft diet (mushy food!) are more prone to tartar build-up. So take a peek at your dog’s teeth and make sure they’re white and shiny pearls!

Anyway, back to the product!

Pedigree Dentastix

If you look at online reviews, the opinions are on totally different ends! There are some who swear by the product and others who simply hate it. Most of the negative opinions spring from the “bad ingredients” in this product.

Here are the top 10 ingredients in Pedigree’s Dentastix and why they’re bad for us, fully lifted from The Hydrant blog:

  1. “Rice flour (Minus 1 point): Cheap filler, causes bowel distress and can lead to diabetes in dogs.
  2. Wheat starch (Minus 1 point): Poor carbohydrate source causes allergies.
  3. Glycerin (Minus 1 point): Sweetens food, used as humectant (keeps food moist), interferes with nutrient assimilation.
  4. Calcium carbonate (Plus 1 point): Standard source of calcium, promotes strong bones, teeth, cardiovascular health and skeletal strength, used as a buffer to acidic foods.
  5. Gelatin (Minus 1 point): Filler / binder in can food.
  6. Gum arabic (Minus 1 point): Cheap filler/binder used in can foods.
  7. Cellulose Powder (Minus 1 point):Suspected to include recycled cardboard.
  8. Natural poultry flavor (Minus 1 point): Poor quality of flavor additive.
  9. Sodium tripolyphosphate (Minus 1 point): Used as rancid meat preservative.
  10. Salt(Minus 1 point): Used to cover up rancid meat and fat, can cause kidney and heart disease, hypertension — used to encourage cats to drink, source of sodium chloride.”

I’m no scientist, so I can’t really comment on this but I guess, every food can be bad for your dog if not given in moderation. And I think that’s applicable to humans too! So just as recommended, limit your dog’s Dentastix to one piece a day. Yes, no matter how much we beg, don’t give in. 😛

These treats also come in different sizes, so make sure to pick out the one suited for your dog’s build.


X Shape

Anyway, my humans love the fact that this treat comes in a soft, yet mildy abrasive x shape to really clean between the teeth and down the gum line.

According to Pedigree, Dentastix removes plaque since it stimulates us to chew, which then produces saliva. This helps wash away the plaque and any stubborn food stuck in between our teeth.

Katsu chewing Dentastix

Me chewing on Dentastix

And just as promised by the manufacturers, we go crazy over these treats! I love it so much that it’ll only take me 15 seconds to finish it. Hehe. I’m not so sure if this helps my teeth but I love it anyway.


But before buying loads of Dentastix, make sure to try out a packet first. Even if we love how it tastes, it doesn’t mean it will go well with our tummies. Some dogs have more sensitive stomachs. Like in my case, Dentastix doesn’t sit too well with my tummy. I always wake up to diarrhea after chewing on these.

Of course, this is just my own experience. My humans have stopped buying Dentastix for me, but I’d be lying if I say didn’t miss these soft chewies!

So make sure to monitor your dog and their bowel whenever you’re introducing new products. Every dog is different so don’t just blindly follow popular dog brands. It’s always better if you keep a loving eye on us. 🙂

Product Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ – Doesn’t go well with my tummy and I consume this too easily! Not sure if I still get the promised benefits for my teeth.

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